Around here, there’s one rule, and if you take a peek at our name, you’ll know just what it is.

Born on a cloudy summer day in 2016, it’s the work of sci-fi author and entertainment journalist Jourdan Cameron- his mission? Create a home for writing about cool stuff. Video games? Undoubtedly. Television? Most likely. Movies? You bet. Anything else? Inevitable.

Maybe you’ve made something cool, and you’d like Jourdan to write about it- well, that’s fantastic! First, congratulations on making something cool. Second, you can send it to him through a Tweet- just hit up @Jourdan_Cameron and he’ll get back to you ASAP.

You can also send an email to Jourdan.Cameron at the address of this website. We’d link it properly but spambots are becoming increasingly clever (and annoying). Are you developing a spambot that’s clever enough to solve puzzles? You’re probably better off going into game design.

Jourdan Cameron at Indiecade East 2016, checking out VEC9.