October 1, 2017 1RBC Gaming Weekly – AtariBox Revealed, Steam Removes Fake Games, Can Jump Succeed?

This has been a pretty interesting week for game news- Valve has removed over 150 fake games from their store, Atari’s next project has been unveiled (it’s a Linux computer), we take a look at Jump, a service that’s being hailed as “Netflix for Indie Games” and some hotly anticipated games have been released, including Steamworld Dig 2 and Hob. In case you’re wondering why this week’s episode is so very late, we ran into a few technical difficulties- but, the show must go on!

Personally, I’m curious as to how the Ataribox will fare in today’s market; it’s been a while since Atari has released hardware (Flashback, anyone?) and it seems that the Ataribox is designed to fill a niche that’s already been occupied by the Steam Machines, Raspberry Pi, Remix Mini… Need I go on? Offering a Linux-based gaming-flavored computer with some old Atari games built in may manage to garner a few sales on nostalgia, but unless the Ataribox brings something new to the table, it’s going nowhere fast.

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