April 1, 2017 1RBC Gaming Weekly – Mad Catz Shut Down, Starcraft Now Free, LiquidSky Opens Beta

This has been quite the week for game news; peripheral manufacturer Mad Catz has gone bankrupt and ceased operations, Blizzard has released the original Starcraft for free (you can get it here)- alongside the announcement of a remaster- and cloud gaming service LiquidSky, which offers access to good gaming PCs for free (details here) is now in open beta. Just a quick heads-up, there won’t be an episode next week; we’ll return in a fortnight!

This week, Astroneer developer Paul Pepera passed away; Mr. Pepera took the lead on the game’s stunning art direction- I had the opportunity to meet him at PAX East last year, and though our discussion was brief, it was clear to me that this man was dedicated to his art. We offer our condolences to Mr. Pepera’s friends, family and co-workers. If you’d like to see more of his art, much of it is available on ArtStation.

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